This man knew every private thing about Putin, how did he die after falling from the ladder?

What secrets of Putin did Anatoly Garashenko know? everyone suspects death

Another high profile person has died in Russia. The top scientist there, Anatoly Gerashanko, has died after falling from the stairs. According to reports, as well as being close to President Vladimir Putin, he was also his official, it was commonly said. Antoli was known as an aviation expert. He was also the head of the Moscow Aviation Institute.

Interestingly, Anatoly’s death was not due to an accident at home. According to reports, on Wednesday, September 21, Anatoly Garashenko was at the headquarters of the Russian Aviation Institute. During that time he fell from the stairs. It is said that he fell from a great height. According to international reports, the incident is being investigated, but the death of Antoli has already been termed as an accident. And because of this people are doubting the causes of this death.

According to the report of Newsweek, it is not yet known at which place of the headquarters Antoli fell from the stairs. The Aviation Institute has constituted a commission to investigate the accident. Russian news agency Tass reported that the commission also includes officials from the Aviation Institute.

After this incident, the name of Anatoly Garashenko has been included in the list of famous Russian citizens who died under suspicious circumstances in recent times. These include both close and critics of President Putin. The names of many big and small officials associated with Russia’s energy industry are also in this list. The series of mysterious deaths began only after the war against Ukraine on February 24, 2022.

Earlier this month, the head of Russia’s second-largest oil company Lukoil, Ravil Maganov, reportedly died after falling from a hospital window. He was considered a critic of President Putin. Ravil expressed concern over the Russo-Ukraine war and advocated for its early end. In May, Alexander Sabotin, a top Lukoil official, died under suspicious circumstances. His body was found lying in a basement outside Moscow.

Earlier in January 2022, Leonid Shulman, the transport service head of a gas company named Gazprom, died. His body was found in the bathroom of a cottage in the district of Vyborsky. His death was described in the media as a suicide, while Schulman was on holiday at the time.

At the same time, in August, a conspiracy to kill Russian radical nationalist leader Alexander Dugin was revealed. On August 21, Dugin’s car exploded on the outskirts of Moscow. Although he was not in the car. His daughter Darya Dugin had taken that car while returning from a party. On the way it exploded. Alexander is said to be very close to President Putin and even a spiritual mentor. Apart from this, many other small and big officials and famous people have died in such circumstances, about which nothing is clear till now.

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