This AC company was cheating people? Government rubbed off the advertisement

The government says that customers were being looted by giving wrong information about the energy in Hitachi's AC.

A very big Air Conditioner (AC) company was allegedly duping people. The government has informed the people about this. In fact, the famous air conditioner company Hitachi has been found allegedly manipulating energy related information in one of its products. The government’s Bureau of Energy Efficiency caught this alleged action of theirs and printed it in the newspaper with the model number. Let us understand, what is the whole matter.

This error has been found in Hitachi’s cassette type air conditioner. The model number RAG124HYD has failed in the energy performance criteria. For your information, let us tell you that cassette type are those air conditioners, which are installed on the roof of the house or office. Hitachi had given its ISEER rating as 3.16, but in the investigation it turned out to be only 2.78. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency has published information in the newspaper, telling the customers about it. It has been told that this product of Hitachi company does not meet the set standards.

Bureau of Energy Efficiency is an agency under the Department of Electricity, Government of India, whose goal is to institutionalize the services of energy efficiency so that awareness of energy efficiency can be created in all areas of the country. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency, also known as BEE in short, also deals with the rating of electronic products. There are ratings for fans to AC and fridge. These devices have ratings ranging from 1 star to 5 stars. These stars show how efficient an electrical appliance is in terms of energy savings.

What is the meaning of 1 star to 5 star?
The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) does the same thing in the country. It continuously fixes the star rating of the product models of all the companies. The best appliances get a 5 star energy label. The lowest performing devices get a 2 star label. 1 star means nothing has been done to improve efficiency. The cost of a 5 star product is high, but it saves more energy and saves you more money after some time in return for its higher price.

How does this rating work?
What does star rating mean? Actually, it works on the formula of energy efficiency. It is fixed on the cooling output and power input in AC. Every AC has an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) written on it.

If 2.7 to 2.9 EER is written on an AC, then it will be an AC with 1 star rating. Two stars if it is 2.9 to 3.09, three stars if it is 3.1 to 3.29, four stars if it is 3.3 to 3.49 and above 3.5 it will be AC ​​of 5 star rating. One and a half ton five star AC uses about 1450 watts of power, while the same ton 3 star rating AC uses about 1600 watts. Also add 8 hours per day, then it means 240 hours of electricity in a month. In this situation, the unit consumption of five star AC will be 348 units and the unit consumption of three star AC will be 384 units. Further multiplication maths you can do yourself. However, there has been no statement from Hitachi on this news so far. We have tried to contact them via email. If there is a response from the company, we will update it.

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