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Meet Mr. Manish Singh(Netking Manish) & Mr. Mukul Singh – Two Youngsters with a Dream of Becoming Millionaires

Introduction About Digital Search Technologies Pvt Ltd: 

Digital Search Technologies is the #1 Digital Marketing Company based in Lucknow, India. Our company was incorporated in 2020. We are the best digital marketing company that focuses on making your company reach the top while being efficient on all the points relatable to your business. 

About Digital Search Technologies Directors & Founders: 

Mr. Manish Singh (Netking Manish) Born in 1995, the CEO & Founder of the Company, graduated with a Bachelor of Technology (Information Technology). 

He has over 3 years of Experience in the Digital Marketing Sector. He heads the Search Engine Optimization Team of the Company. Mr. Singh has been a Director of the company since its incorporation. He has been honoured with the Start Up India Recognition


Mr. Mukul Singh Born in 1998, the Director & Founder of the company, graduated with a Bachelor of Technology (Computer Science). He has over 2 years of Experience in the Digital Marketing Sector. He heads the Social Media Team of the company. Mr. Singh has been a Director of the company since its incorporation. He has been honoured with the Start Up India recognition. He has also been associated in the start-up of multiple businesses. 


What Services does Digital Search Technologies provide?

The specific services we provide comprises four primary areas: Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Web Development, Advertising Campaigns, Video Animation,  Graphics Creation and Digital Marketing Training. 

We at Digital Search Technologies Pvt Ltd. help businesses find an audience online, reach that audience, & turn that engagement into a meaningful relationship for long-term benefit. Reach out to us to know more about how we can help you grow your brand online.

What competitive Advantage does Digital Search Technologies offer its clients?

Most other marketing agencies only offer a fraction of what we can give their clients. Digital Search Technologies is a one-stop shop for SEO, web development, social media marketing, and more, providing businesses with a single entity to cover all of their marketing needs. Our internal structure enables us to build a bridge between each of our services & to work together to produce exceptional results for our clients

⚫ Early Days: The company came into existence on 5th July 2020 with limited funds and a limited number of team members. 

⚫ How the coronavirus pandemic affects your business and how are you coping? 

As it was started in the pandemic because of the lockdown the projects were getting affected in the start as we were not able to access our office but with dedication and hard work we made it the perfect time to get a head start and we never lost hope which resulted in the success of the company. 

⚫ Who are your competitors? And how do you plan to stay in the game? 

According to us and our potential, we have no competitors in the market as of today. We plan to stay in the game by maintaining the first position (Best SEO, SMM & Digital Marketing Agency in Lucknow) on SERP and regular efforts. 

⚫ How do you deal with stress and anxiety? 

Work and results are our constant motivators. 

⚫ Describe your working style in a few words? 

We are task-oriented, hardworking, and determined in learning something new in our style of working. We also have faith in knowledge sharing. 

   ⚫ Revenues (& Losses) 

We are a profit-making company and generating more than Rs. 10,00,000* as the turnover for our 1st financial year. 

⚫ Awards 

Honoured with the Start-Up India recognition. 

⚫ Present Time & Future Goals 

Present Goals: To increase our clientele base from all over the world. Future Goals: To have various offices all over India and the U.S.A. 

⚫ Website:

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