Is someone else running your Facebook account? With one click you will know

How to delete your Facebook account from old phone?

If someone takes your phone for a second, then life comes to light. Afraid that no one reads the personal message. No one should peek into your gallery to see your personal photos. Now imagine if someone loses your Facebook account? What will you do and how will you get your account back, let us tell you the whole process of this.

If you think that no one else can use your Facebook account, then you are in trouble. This can happen due to your carelessness and also because of some cyber criminals. Negligence means login on some device but did not logout and the question remains about cyber criminals, nowadays everyone knows about them. Therefore it is necessary to be careful.

how to know
If you also think that someone else is running your Facebook account, then you can easily find out. The good thing is that there is no need for any third party app or any jugaad for this. Facebook itself has made sure arrangements for this. For which device your Facebook account is logged in, you have to go to Settings. they know what to do next

# Login to your Facebook account
# Click on the three dots in the top right corner.
# Many options will be seen here.
# You have to go to Password and Security
# Here you will see the tab of login device

# If your account is open on many devices, then you will get the information of all the devices right here.
# Usually you yourself are login on more than one device like Smartphone, Laptop, iPad etc.
# Now you have to identify your devices which are not yours, it can also be your old smartphone
# if not then be happy

How to remove unknown device
# Three dots will appear next to the active device, tap on it and kill log out
# You will also get the option to save your account
# Delete device name and location information as well

Apart from this, there are other basic things like keeping a strong password, never forgetting to click on any link or unknown post. Always keep an eye on them.

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