‘Brahmastra’ beats ‘The Kashmir Files’, Vivek Agnihotri mocks

When Vivek's film earned a lot of money, he complained that he did not get support from the film industry. When others' films are earning, Vivek is discrediting them.

Brahmastra has broken the record of The Kashmir Files in terms of worldwide collection. But the director of that film, Vivek Agnihotri is not ready to accept this.

‘Brahmastra’ has earned 360 crores worldwide in 10 days. With this, it became the most successful Hindi film of 2022. Earlier this record was in the name of ‘The Kashmir Files’. The film did a business of 340 to 350 crores worldwide. As soon as this news came in the media, Vivek Agnihotri made a tweet, sharing his screenshots. In it he wrote-

”Ha ha ha ha. I don’t know how he beat ‘The Kashmir Files’. With sticks, rods, hockey sticks, AK47s or stones? Or with the help of paid PR and influencers? Let Bollywood movies clash with each other. Leave us alone. I am not a part of that stupid race. Thanks.

Beat literally means to beat or beat. Whereas in the news of ‘Brahmastra’ and ‘The Kashmir Files’ it was used in the sense of leaving behind. The same terminology has been used in sports as well. is universal. Vivek took it literally for fun. There is nothing wrong with this tweet. Except for one thing. When Vivek’s film earned a lot of money, he complained that he did not get support from the film industry. Fair Enough. But no one said anything wrong against his film. When others’ films are doing well, Vivek is trying to discredit them. He is also saying that he is not a part of this race. But still he is not able to accept, someone has left behind the earnings of his film.

The most important thing is the last hashtag of his tweet. #NotBollywood. That is, he is not a part of Bollywood. This thing is not worth digesting anything. The actors with whom he did films are part of Bollywood. ‘The Kashmir Files’ is produced by Vivek Agnihotri in association with Zee Studios. Zee Studios is a production company, which invests money on films from across the country including Hindi. That is, she is also a part of Bollywood. The crew that worked on his film works on other films as well. That is, she is also a part of Bollywood. But Vivek is saying that he is not a part of Bollywood.

One thing is most important in this whole conversation. What should be told. ‘The Kashmir Files’ is one of the most successful films not only in 2022, but in Hindi cinema history. Because that film earned 1100 percent profit according to its budget. Made in a budget of Rs 10 to 12 crores, the film did a business of Rs 350 crores. ‘Brahmastra’ will not be able to generate that much profit percentage even after collecting thousand crores of rupees. Despite this, the conscience of this fact does not appear happy.

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