What Is An Advertising Campaign?

In the most basic sense, an advertising campaign is just a series of advertisements by a company or a business that shares the same core message while also convincing consumers to purchase their products. Each ad may have a different theme, but eventually, they all support the same cause.

For example, for the International Women’s Day in the year 2017, the best denim company in the world - Levi’s brought the ‘I Shape my World Campaign’ to India that celebrated different women who inspired the world. This advertising campaign talked about the judgmental Indian society, diversity among women, gender and societal norms, body-shaming, and, most importantly, how these women rose above it all.

How Can An Advertising Campaign Help Your Business?

You should always have a well-planned strategy to promote your brand, product, or services. Advertising campaigns do that for you. If you offer a product or a service and choose to promote your brand online—advertising campaigns help by guiding you through the process. They also help you to gauge where your business stands in the market, by comparing your advertising campaigns with your competition, thereby helping you to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your products, as well.

Why Choose us for Advertising Services?


We at DM Tech Experts are Advertising Experts

We at DM Tech Experts are Advertising Experts

We at DM Tech Experts are Advertising Experts

We have executed many social media advertising campaigns. We possess experience and proven data on best-practices regarding copy, keywords, etc. We understand conversion optimization and re-targeting. 

Don’t spend your time trying to figure this out; just trust us and go and run your business.


Get More for Your Money

We at DM Tech Experts are Advertising Experts

We at DM Tech Experts are Advertising Experts

Spending your entire budget on an advertising service is like buying a car without gas. We don’t want you to pay us a high retainer. 

We’d rather you pay us for the actual cost of the service and spend any additional budget on paid ads. This will help us help you.


Low-Risk Contracts

We at DM Tech Experts are Advertising Experts

Low-Risk Contracts

Our services are backed with high integrity as we want to earn your trust by providing great work.


Google Ads

Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads

Maintain ads quickly and easily. Reach out to customers when they search on Google. You can also promote your products and services with video ads, image ads, digital ads, and more.

Each ad format has its benefits, whether it’s the ease & affordability of running a text ad or the colorful storytelling that comes with a video ad. You can ask us to run multiple kinds of advertisements or ask us to customize a campaign for you. It’s entirely up to you. 

Now, let us look at various types of Google Ad are:


Text: The text ads that appear along with Google search results are just one type of ad format we can create with Google Ads. We also use Ad Extensions to provide additional details and contact information that can make your text ads more relevant to customers.

Display Advertising: Google’s display network consists of a vast selection of websites that accept advertising via Ad Words, allowing advertisers to promote their business in a variety of formats:

  • Text ads: The ads are identical to Google’s text, but are displayed across the network of partner websites. With this, you can kill two birds with one stone and publish the same ad on both the search & display networks by creating a ‘Search network with display select’ campaign.

  • Image ads: This is a very eye-catching type of advertisement, which allows us to use      images on the display network to get more people to click through to your website.

  • Rich media ads: Rich media ads are related to image ads, but have interactive elements and      animations that make it more eye-catching & interactive.

  • Video ads: Similar to a rich media ad, a video can be embedded to play directly within it.

Video ads: We can run Video Ads that show online. Also, we can run standalone video ads or insert them in streaming video content. That’ll help you to reach customers on websites that partner with Google and deliver a rich and engaging experience to customers.

Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads

With over 800 million monthly users, Instagram, the photo-centric platform is one of the best social media platforms out there. Instagram provides a massive number of people for businesses to target. And because Facebook owns it, companies who advertise through Instagram will have access to the best targeting features on the Internet.

Nearly 75% of Instagram users also take action on ads that they see on their news feed. And over 1/3rd of Instagram, users have used the platform to purchase a product online. 

Businesses who ask us to create compelling ads and target them at relevant audiences will have an opportunity to increase website traffic and conversions.

The truth is that there are businesses that are driving high volumes of sales through Instagram advertising, so why aren’t you?. Plus, you should know that the costs associated with advertising through Instagram are much lower than most alternative forms of advertising. 

And at the same time, it has proven to be more effective than other types of advertising. Throughout our clientele, we often find Instagram to have higher levels of engagement than any other social media platform. 

Launching an Instagram advertising campaign without professional help is like trying to file a complicated tax return without a CPA. It is stressful, incredibly tricky, and there is a high probability that you are missing something fundamental. 

For Instagram advertising, those things are conversion tracking, using lookalike audiences, etc. We, as an Instagram advertising agency, can help you launch a campaign that follows a proven formula of success.

Facebook Ads

Lead Generation Ads

Lead Generation Ads

Facebook Ads are one of the most effective ways to grow your business online. The leading social media platforms boast over 2 billion active users, with users spending several hours per week on their marketing and advertising platform. Also, it is one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising in the modern era. The CPM, or cost per thousand impressions, on Facebook, is $5-10. 

Facebook advertising presents the opportunity for businesses of all sizes to achieve their desired audience and sell directly to them. Companies that leverage Facebook ads can significantly grow your business in a predictable, measurable fashion. And due to this, Facebook advertising is fundamental to the success of small businesses who wish to generate more revenue.

We at DM Tech Experts help our clients by developing advanced campaigns to grow their business.  Besides, we employ advanced Facebook tactics for our clients, which include remarketing and lookalike audiences, as well as conversion optimization. We also help our clients create compelling ads & continue to optimize for optimal results. 

We test multiple kinds of ads to see which one performs the best. And to measure the performance of the ads, we install conversion pixels on your website to pinpoint the exact number of leads/sales you receive in a specific period. 

These are just some of the requirements needed to implement a profitable Facebook ads campaign, and we do it all.

Lead Generation Ads

Lead Generation Ads

Lead Generation Ads

Almost 53% of clients evaluate at least 8 to 10 agencies for review. With this level of competition, it pays to make sure that your marketing campaign always stays on track.

We at DM Tech Experts provide you with the data & insights, tools, and strategies needed to put your offer in front of the right people from organizations with the highest revenue potential for your ad agency business.

Google Ads, including Search, Display, Shopping, etc., can convert users who are searching for keywords on Google Search Engines, or Google Partner Websites. With PPC Ad Campaigns, we can convert people who have an intention to buy a product or contact a specific service.

Lead ads at Facebook are a powerful addition to any campaign, and they are also one of the most versatile ad types you have at your disposal. Facebook lead generation ads are the best tool you have for learning more about your customers. The fact is that the more we know about your audience, the better we’ll be at serving those ads that convert.

We at DM Tech Experts optimize campaigns 24/7 to improve campaign performance continuously. Our experts can track user behavior and user interactions to refine landing pages, content, copy, and campaign settings for better ROI.

Content Marketing Services in lucknow


Content Marketing Strategy: Thoughtfully and artfully combine SEO data, business objectives, and audience demographics to create a content strategy that fits your business and, most importantly, your readers.

Content Marketing Planning: Whatever you want with your audience journey, we can tailor content plans to your customer and their needs.

Content Marketing Audit: Assess the resonance, reverence, and reaction that your content garners; we identify opportunities in your current content plan and use those as a baseline to build upon.

Content Marketing Creation and Implementation: Solid content brings immense value to the audience, let us put our creative brains to work towards increasing brand awareness and create a precise mix of wit and food for thought leadership.

Content Marketing Measurement and Performance Optimization: Wouldn’t it be great to be able to dig so deep into your content that you’re ready to pinpoint which phrase turned into a conversion? That’s nothing – let us show you the real magic happens.

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