What is WhatsApp’s new privacy policy? Should we accept it or not?

WhatsApp, the most widely used messaging app these days updated its privacy policy a few months ago. They asked their users either to accept the new policy or they will gradually limit the features of the app. Due to insufficient information provided by the team that what is the new privacy exactly all about what new changes will be made.

Also, they only stated the user’s information that included:

  1. IP address
  2. Time zone
  3. Battery level
  4. Operating system
  5. Signal strength
  6. Contact details
  7. Name, status
  8. Profile picture

And that to from business account on WhatsApp.

Also, they stated that user’s information will be shared to Facebook, Instagram and other platforms to increase better user experience and to recommend better suggestions.

Earlier WhatsApp gave deadline till 8th of february,2021 which later on exceeded till 15th of May,2021 so as to prevent the loss of WhatsApp users. Due to sudden announcement in the change of privacy policy, lot of rumors were spread and the users began to think that this update in the application is for PRIVACY INVASION.

What happens if you do not accept or accept the new privacy policy?

WhatsApp told the Delhi high court that if a user will not accept the privacy policy, their accounts will not be deleted. The team will continue sending reminders to its users to accept it. But if the policy is not accepted by the user, WhatsApp will limit the use of its application features i.e., people will not be able to access their chat list, they will only be able to reply to those messages which appear on their notification bar, also they can only get notified for incoming calls and receive them. But……but gradually, after few days the user will not be able to use any of its features and ultimately will either have to accept or completely stop using the WhatsApp and ultimately if there will be no activity seen in a particular account, the team will delete the account after 120 days as it usually does.

What if you are planning to delete the WhatsApp account and downloading the data?

Yes, surely one can delete the account and download all the data.

What one needs to do is:

1.First open the WhatsApp application and tap on the three dotted icon, present on the top right corner.

2.Tap on settings, visit the account section and then tap on Delete my account option.

3.One needs to enter his /her mobile number and tap on the Delete my account.

4.Select the reason asked for deleting your account and then tap on delete my account.

If one wants to download the data from WhatsApp, then he /she has to export the chats to the third-party application.

Now, open the individual chat of a person. Again, click on the three dots located on the extreme right top most side of the individual chat. Click on more and then export chats from there. Also, you will be asked to include files, videos, photos and that’s completely up to you. You’ll get option to export it on Google drive, Gmail or to any other application.

Alternative for WhatsApp

Telegram, signal are two trusted messaging applications these days. In telegram for end-to-end encryption, one needs to enable the secret chat mode. Whereas in signal, all chats are end to end encrypted automatically.

Ultimately, one should not be dependent on only one mode of communication when there are so many other platforms with better features are available. learn how to pay using WhatsApp.


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