Will you be able to? Upload photos on google from 1st June 2021, or what is Google’s new policy related to storage?

Googles new Storage policy about data storage has left many of us in shock. Where people or users were not worried about their data and relied on Google, now the threat to dump data raises fears.

What is Googles new Storage policy?

Google, in its surprising update on storage policy on April 5,2021:

From June 1,2021 high –quality photos will be counted towards the google storage.

From February 1,2022 any newly created Google Docs, Forms, Slides, Drawing will count towards storage. However, existing files will not be counted on the storage unless and until they are modified on or after February 1,2022.

Google Drive includes Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and sites. All the components need to be filled or stored in a single container.

When will the data be deleted?

-If you are not active for two years, or you exceed your storage limit i.e., 15 gb of space.

How to clean out google photos: –

For some people sorting the thousands of images may be much more monstrous than paying some amount monthly. If you are not one, then follow the steps: –

  1. Download and organize

Now, movement of photos and videos manually can really be scary and time-taking as well. To make the job easier, use tools like Free Commander. Once done with this, open Digikam to organize photos.

  • Remove videos in google photos: –

As we all know videos acquire more space than photos. So, it is considered a wise option to delete or remove videos form Google photos.

  • Remove unsupported videos: –

Go to settings for google photos and remove the unsupported videos as they cannot be played and acquire space and hence of no use.

  • Archive images: –

Archive screenshots, memes as you don’t need them.

  • Storage Manager: –

The final step is to use Google’s Storage Manager to discard items like spam emails and large items.

Alternative to Google Photos: –

Alternative to google photos is Amazon photos, if you are a prime member, then Dropbox, SmugMug and Flickr are also good options to opt.

One more thing that one can do is, split or divide the usage into multiple accounts like an account for family, for work, for friends, and so on. By doing this you’ll get all 15 GB for each of your Gmail accounts. If you want to learn Youtube’s new policy. Visit Now!


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